The No. 1 Question Writers Ask

I’ve been training and coaching writers for over 20 years — from teaching thousands of writers through our COMPEL Writers Training program to most recently being the lead coach for Lysa TerKeurst’s Book Proposal Bootcamp.

And there’s one question writers of all stages ask me:

“How do I get people to read my work?”

I get how frustrating this can be for a writer. You spend time agonizing over every word, pouring your heart out onto the page, and then posting your work somewhere … hoping someone will read what you wrote.
And when only one or two readers post a comment, discouragement can set in.

So what’s a writer to do?

I’ve got good news: It’s probably easier than you think.

The most important thing you can do right now to gain more readers is: Write for your reader rather than yourself. 

It’s easy to fall into this trap. We want to convey what matters most — to us. But when you start writing for your reader, your writing will shift. Rather than what’s most important to the topic you are writing on, you ask:

What’s most important to her?

How might she be feeling when she reads this?

What questions about this topic is she asking?

What cares weigh heavy on her heart?

What is she struggling with when she goes to read what I write?

Imagine your reader is a friend who’s struggling with a problem you are addressing in your writing. What if you met her at a coffee shop to talk? You grab your cup from the barista and sit down next to her. What’s your tone going to be? Will you be gentle? Will you start with statistics about how many people are struggling, or will you share that you’ve been there too?

If you can picture one woman reading your words, your writing will naturally shift. And when your writing shifts, your reader will know. And when she knows and trusts that you get her, she’ll want to read more.

This is ministry. This is compassion. This is writing that will touch the heart of your reader.

And we want to teach how to do this at COMPEL Writers Training. Through hundreds of courses, industry experts and a community of women around you, COMPEL will help you write words that others want to read.

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Glynnis Whitwer

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