How To Build an Email List From Scratch

While Jesus did not possess the electronic means to spread the gospel like we enjoy today, He was certainly able to reach many through word-of-mouth and good old-fashioned evangelism. Nowadays, many writers have the convenience of social media to share their content. Social media platforms are a great way to connect with your audience, especially if you are a relatively new writer. However, changing algorithms and increased social media security breaches may have you rethinking your marketing strategy. 

Have you considered email marketing?

While email marketing might sound intimidating, the benefits are more than worth it. Emails can be personalized in a way social media cannot. Subscribers who give you permission to contact them via email are interested in your content and are eager to engage even more.

Are you ready to give email marketing a try? Here is how you can build an email list from scratch.

  • Select an email marketing platform. There are many email marketing platform choices to choose from. The basic features to look for are a way to collect emails through forms or landing pages, an easy method to send emails to your subscribers, and a way to segment or categorize your audience by interest. Some email marketing platforms even offer free trials and tutorials so you can test drive before making a long-term monetary investment. One note: Make a decision based on your long-range goals. Switching to a new email marketing platform later can be confusing to your audience and an inconvenience for you.
  • Write an engaging welcome email series. Set up an automated welcome series to send to new subscribers. The welcome series lets you introduce yourself as well as explain what users can expect from future emails, like when new blog posts will be published. Also, thank subscribers for taking the time to subscribe. Personalize the email by using the subscriber’s first name. Who doesn’t love being addressed personally in an email, right?
  • Build an opt-in form. Build an opt-in form that includes a captivating reason why they should sign up. For example, instead of using the phrase, “Subscribe to my newsletter,” try “Ready for content to help you grow in Christ?” Opt-in forms can be simple blocks or complete landing pages. Whichever option you choose, ask the subscriber for their email address and first name.
  • It’s time to share! You’ve put in the hard work, building the pieces you need to launch an email list. Now it is time to start building your list, and one way to do that is through your blog. Place the opt-in form at the end of each and every blog post. This is an easy way to capture readers’ emails. Some email marketing platforms offer the option of sharing the opt-in form link without placing it on your website. This is an excellent way to build an email list without having a website. 

Email marketing is a proven way to convert social media users into devoted readers. Through your email list, you’ll be able to share your content, all while building and nurturing relationships and eventually reaching even more readers.


Regina Lewis

Have you been hesitant to build an email list? Let us know in the comments if these tips have encouraged you to start growing your audience through email marketing.

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