3 Ways To Connect With Your Community Through Social Media

Every day we’re given the opportunity to connect with people all over the world, making building a platform easier than ever before through social media. 

With 3.39 billion active social media users engaging with content, the biggest obstacle we face is determining how to authentically stand out among all the noise. We’re sharing our biggest tips on how to stand out in a crowded social media space. 

1. Don’t let the size of your following deter you.

It’s easy to get caught up in the number of followers and likes you do (or do not) have on social media. Keep in mind that this is just a vanity metric and doesn’t actually benefit your long-term goals. Whatever your goal is, it’s far better to build deep relationships online than cast a wide net. If you only have 30 followers on Instagram, treat those 30 followers the same way you would if you had 30,000 followers. It’s always better to have 30 loyal followers than 30,000 disengaged fans. One individual’s value is far more important than a large number of followers. 

2. Remember social media is supposed to be social.

If you’re viewing your social media page only as a chance to inform or sell, you are missing the opportunity to gain perspective into your audience. When you take time to comment back and engage in a meaningful and conversational way, people will leave feeling connected and cared for by you. And when people feel connected and cared for, they become loyal to you and your content. It will take extra time to do this, but it is the most valuable way you can spend time on social media. It’s far better to post one thing a week and be able to provide meaningful conversation through it than to post seven things a week and have no time to interact with the people reading your content.

3. Provide quality content.

Don’t ask the question, “How many times should I post?” Instead, ask the question, “Will the person seeing this gain value from my social media content?” If you’re consistently providing content that is helping your audience with their lives, they will always come back for more. If you feel stuck trying to figure out what your audience finds valuable — take time to listen to them. Read their comments, talk with them through direct messages, and then write content based on their needs.

Making the effort to personally connect with people online will always be more beneficial than growing large social media followings. When you follow these three easy steps to connection, you will immediately feel the difference in the effectiveness of your posts. 

Cheering you on!

Tracie Miles

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