Balancing Social Media and Writing

We need social media. We need to write. How do we do both? We don’t

Today’s Tuesday Tip is perhaps the simplest tip I’ll ever share.

It changed my writing forever.

When you are writing, turn off all access to social media. Turn off the wireless on your computer. 

Then write.

 When I started doing this a year ago, I realized my brain had been in a tsunami for the past five years — trying to write, answer email, check on Facebook, answer notifications, throw out that tweet . . . 

Now when I sit in my chair to write it becomes a sacred space. Just me and God. No wireless. No access to Internet. No interruptions. 

Try it. Let us know how it works for you.


Turn off the wireless on your computer. Put your phone across the room where you can hear it in case of emergency. Write for 30 minutes. Ready. Set. Go. 

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