Overcoming Brain Fatigue

Do you ever struggle with being mentally drained and unsure of how to take another step forward? Feeling stuck makes the goal of progress seem exhausting and futile. Erica Renaud, author of Pray with Me: Help Your Children Engage in Authentic and Powerful Prayer, walks us through tips and tricks of overcoming brain fatigue so we can steadily move along the path the Lord called us to in our writing. This is such a valuable course for learning practical ways to overcome the exhaustion we all know so well!

For your convenience, below are helpful links to the amazing resources Erica provides…

Week 1 – Teaching Video

Week 2 – The Secret to Productivity

Week 3 – Overcoming Brain Fatigue: 3 ‘Brain Hacks’ To Help You Move Forward

Week 4 – Unclogging Our Creative Pipes