How to Get Your Story On Paper

How to Get Your Story On Paper, by Tracie Miles

We all have a story to tell, but as a writer, knowing how to get our story on paper can sometimes be challenging.

We all have a past; a story which has been orchestrated and divinely designed by God.  As a believer, and especially as a writer, God often places a longing in our hearts to get our story on paper. We desire for Him to turn our pain into purpose while encouraging others and giving them hope for their own journeys, but sometimes obstacles get in the way. Below are a few tips for how you can open the door for God to use your story in powerful and life changing ways. 

Believe your story matters. Many people think their story doesn’t matter because there are already plenty of other people who have already written about similar experiences. Keep in mind every person’s story is different and unique. Even if someone has experienced a similar situation as you, their details involved, how God moved, victories, and so on, is drastically different from your own. Only you lived your life and only you can tell your story – and it matters. 

Avoid letting fear of criticism become a stumbling block. If God is for us, who can be against us? Try not to let insecurities or a fear of criticism prevent you from following God’s call to share what He has done in your life. Pray for God to remove those fears.

Trust God that you are qualified. Sometimes even when we feel God’s nudging to write, we struggle with feeling unqualified, unworthy or ill equipped. Who are we to decide we aren’t qualified or equipped to pursue the dream God placed in our hearts? To quote an old cliché .. God doesn’t call those who are qualified, He qualifies those whom He calls.  If God has called you to do it, He will help you accomplish it! 

Be Confident in who God says you are. Despite God’s assurance we are beautiful and talented in His eyes, most of us have a hard time believing that truth. As you embark on writing and sharing your story, ask God to help you push past shame and regret and refuse to let the enemy’s lies steal your confidence in yourself and your call. Wear your scars proudly and ask God for the self-confidence and peace to share without worrying about what others will think or say.

Don’t compare yourself to others. Whether you have a habit of comparing yourself to others in general, or other Christian writers, make an intentional effort to stop letting your thoughts go down that path. Stay keenly aware of any self-condemning thoughts and take control of them before they control you and hinder your passion to write. 

Invest in your calling. Finding time to write in the midst of real life, especially when it’s already full and chaotic, can be hard. But isn’t any calling from God worth the investment of time and energy it might require?  The key to investing in our calling is simply choosing to do so and making it a priority. Consider how you could set aside time in your calendar to begin getting your story on paper. Think about the things you can do to commit to exerting the energy and effort it takes to become a successful writer. 

With all these things in mind, sit down and start writing! There is no better time than the present to get your story on paper and open the door for God to do His best work. He is the author of your story, but only YOU can help it reach those who need to hear it.


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