5 Ways to Spice up Your Writing Routine

I love to cook. But sometimes, getting dinner on the table becomes mundane and methodical. It’s more duty than deliciousness. The pressure to get all the things done plus cook up a good meal at the end of the day takes the fun out of something I usually enjoy.

Can you relate? Is there something you love to do but find busyness creeping in to steal all your joy?

Every good cook knows spices are the bomb diggity when it comes to creating the best dishes. Without flavor, meals are just bland and boring. Adding even a little salt to an otherwise unappetizing dish makes a huge difference. That’s why I’m constantly spicing things up, especially if I’m serving up an old standby in my weekly menu. 

Let’s face it, when we’re busy, it’s easy to slap something together without much thought to feed our people. This works for a while, but soon enough, no one is excited about dinner, least of all me. That’s when I know it’s time to try something new. Usually, this is all it takes to bring the joy back into my cooking and the table too. 

I’ve found getting creative in the kitchen has a way of spilling over into other areas of my life that have grown stale­­, predictable and uninspiring –– like my writing. When the words won’t come or feel bland and boring, I know it’s time to head into the kitchen –– the content kitchen

Some of my best writing flows onto the page when I try something new. Adding a dash of this or a splash of that makes our writing more flavorful, bold and enjoyable.

However, when we’re feeling like we must post on social media or send our newsletter because it’s been far too long, we push send before our writing is reader-ready. When we do, we shortchange our audience. These pressured pieces rarely produce the best experience for our reader, leaving them hungry. If we do this often enough, in time, they will go elsewhere. And we don’t want them to leave unsatisfied. 

Spicing things up in my writing process has yielded some very tasty outcomes –– the kind that keeps readers coming back for more.

Here are five ways to spice up your writing routine:

Share your “come to Jesus” story in 500 words or less or in a three-part mini-blog format.

Pay attention to your struggles; share some inspiration, helping others know how to cope. 

Include a resource you’ve found helpful in your own life. Write a review and share it.

Change it up. Instead of a blog, write a poem or share a list of your favorite things for fun.

Everyone needs a break at some point. Sometimes, bad content is worse than no content. 

The very best motivation and material we create comes from our own time spent with the Lord. Take a step back; get with God and free-write with no agenda, just for you.

Here are a few ideas to get you started. Which one will you try this week?

Salty: something a little edgy that makes them think.

Buttery: something rich that’s filled with deep meaning or a theological quote.

Tangy: something fun to catch them off guard and make them laugh.

Sweet: something nostalgic, perhaps a feel-good story or memory.

Bold: something with a little zest — daring and out of your comfort zone (a video or reel).

Girl, spice it up! Your audience will enjoy something fresh, and you’ll be refreshed too.

I can’t wait to get a taste of what you cook up, friend. 

Amy Elaine Martinez

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