A Day for Writers
at She Speaks 2024

We have planned this one-day event upgrade during She Speaks 2024 so you can have the best writers training experience with us in person!

A Day for Writers: With the COMPEL Team

This one-of-a-kind day is designed for you to invest in your writing dreams alongside like-minded communicators and industry experts. Seats are going fast, and we want to save one for you!

Join us on July 18, 2024, for:

• Four exciting, new training sessions with the COMPEL team and writing experts.

• Community time with other COMPEL members, including coffee breaks, lunch and small group discussion.

• A session with a panel of professionals who will answer questions about writing, the publishing industry and the book publishing process.

• A member exclusive bookstore experience, book signing with presenters and She Speaks photo opportunity.

And get exclusive perks at She Speaks like:

• Reserved seating during the conference experiences on Friday and Saturday.

• A coffee hour and private lunch with content experts and the COMPEL team.

• And more!


Sessions at A Day for Writers include:

“Unveiling the Mysterious World of Book Publishing”

with Andrea Doering (Executive Editor with Baker Publishing)

Whether you are looking to get published now or are just interested in the Christian book-publishing world, Andrea Doering gives us a behind-the-scenes look at how books get from an idea in an author’s mind to published on a shelf. Publishers receive thousands of queries and proposals a year, so how do they decide what to publish? In this session, Andrea will: 

  • Unpack the key areas publishers focus on when considering a book.
  • Outline what authors can do to help the publisher (and yourself) make the best decisions about your work.
  • Discuss how to handle rejections and move forward with confidence.
  • Share a variety of options for getting your writing in the hands of readers.

“How To Establish Yourself as a Go-To Resource on Your Topic While Building Trust With Your Reader”

with Tracie Miles (Author, Director of COMPEL Pro Training, President of Tracie Miles Author Coaching Services)

Building trust with your reader depends on two important components:

1) Do they trust your experience with the topic?

2) Do they trust your knowledge of the topic? 

Most writers excel in the experience part of trust, but how do you become an author with credibility in the topic? This requires a different approach than the ability to tell a great story. This session will provide tips, advice and encouragement for learning how to become an expert in your topic so you can become the trusted, go-to author for your subject matter. In the process of growing as an expert, you’ll discover how to:

  • Overcome imposter syndrome by establishing yourself as a thought leader.
  • Write with greater confidence knowing you’ve done your research. 
  • Build a more distinctive brand connecting with new readers. 
  • Write unique content by identifying fresh approaches to your topic.

“From Blank Page to Bestseller: 5 Surprising Tips To Beat the Odds as a First-Time Author”

with Ashley Morgan Jackson (Author)

You have dreams of being an author, but so often you feel stuck on what to do first, where to invest your time, or even what to expect. Join author and social media expert Ashley Morgan Jackson as she reveals five surprising things she learned as a first-time author and the steps she took that helped her hit a bestsellers list so you can too.

  • Uncover behind-the-scenes information about the book-writing process, from signing a contract to celebrating your release.
  • Uncomplicate growing your platform on social media as you write. 
  • Unpack how to create an inbound campaign you know will grow your email list.
  • Understand the power of creating your own marketing plan as you launch your book.

“Act Like a Writer; Think Like a Business”

with Kia Stephens (Author, Speaker & Host of the Hope For Women With Father Wounds podcast)

Many writers dream of earning an income primarily as a published author. The reality is, very few writers make a living solely doing their craft. As writers, we spend so much time working on the skill of writing, we are often unprepared for the business. In this session, Kia will share six D’s she discovered that are necessary for building a sustainable writing career and help you: 

  • Learn practical ways to make money as a writer. 
  • Overcome misconceptions about a full-time writing career.
  • Identify writing revenue streams you may be overlooking. 
  • Transition from viewing writing as a hobby to viewing it as a business.

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