Michael Hyatt
“I have never met anyone who understands book marketing like Lysa TerKeurst. Not only does she intuitively understand what it takes to generate buzz about a book, but she has deconstructed the process for the rest of us. She helps authors write their books in such a way that the buzz is baked in. I recently spent a day with her as I was preparing to write my next book. I learned more in those few hours than I learned in decades as a book marketer. Just wow!”

Michael Hyatt
New York Times Bestselling Author
Former CEO, Thomas Nelson Publishers
Jeff Goins
“Lysa TerKeurst blows me away. I have never met anybody who understands how to connect with an audience both emotionally and practically like she does. Few people understand the combination of marketing, writing, and caring for an audience like Lysa. I’ve learned so much from her and her team, and I know you will too.”

Jeff Goins
Author, Tribe Writers Founder
“I say it often and it bears repeating: Lysa TerKeurst is brilliant! I’ve learned more from her about how to market and create buzz around a book than I have from anyone else. Her strategies and insights have transformed the way I approach every talk I craft and product I launch. If you want to learn how to make an impact as a writer and speaker, do yourself a huge favor and sign up for Compel.”

– Crystal Paine
founder of MoneySavingMom.com
Perry Noble
“There is no one else on the planet I would rather have working with me on writing, developing stories and making things more memorable than Lysa TerKeurst. If you have ever wanted to write but thought that there is no way you could do it then this resource is for you. Lysa does an excellent job of taking a monumental sized task and breaking it down into bite size pieces. This will help anyone become a better writer, I promise!”

Perry Noble
Pastor, NewSpring Church
Natalie Snapp
“Proverbs 31 Ministries enabled me to make my dreams of becoming a writer for God a reality. While I believe He is guiding my steps, Proverbs 31 was the flashlight I needed to help me find the right path! The Proverbs 31 staff is authentic and ‘walks the talk’ of the Christian journey with humility and grace. They are comprised of women I admire and respect greatly and I so appreciate their willingness to help those of us just beginning to answer the call to speak and write.”

Natalie Snapp
Writer, Blogger, Speaker
“Maybe it was because I was getting too comfortable singing on stage that God began drawing me into the uncomfortable arena of writing and speaking more. After all, our weaknesses force us to lean on His strength. Thankfully, the finger of God never points to a place where His hand has not already made a way. He allowed me to glean wisdom from the incredible Proverbs 31 team. After soaking up as much as I could from this wise group of sisters, God immediately began opening up doors for me to continue ministering through song, as well as through the spoken and written word. The Proverbs 31 ladies passed down their knowledge to encourage, equip, and excite me to follow Jesus wherever He leads!”

CCM Recording Artist, Speaker, Writer!
Esther Fedorkevich
“In all my years as a literary agent I have never seen an author with the ability to generate momentum for their books the way Lysa TerKeurst does. This is the valuable insight you will get from her when you use COMPEL’s services for learning how to write messages that connect. As an agent it is important for me to have tools to help my authors’ books succeed. I am excited about using what I have learned from COMPEL to help my clients take their writing to the next level.COMPEL will help you find your ‘sticky message’ and know how to share it.”

– Esther Fedorkevich
The Fedd Agency
A literary and entertainment company
“The material for training so far has been ‘off the charts’ good. I love the balance of the ‘C’ along with balance of different voices.”

– Brian Fleming
COMPEL Training Member
Founder of iMpact World Foundation