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How to Pitch Your Book Idea

In this teaching, Suzie shares how to offer concise, compelling information in a pitch. She describes how to ask and answer questions, as well as offers three things to help rather than hurt your pitch.

Using the Writer’s Market Guide

In this training, Suzie Eller shows you how to study the book section of your market guide. She breaks down the information so that you can not only understand it but use it to your advantage.

How to Create a One Sheet that Sells Your Book Idea

In this lesson, Tracie explains more about the value and use of one sheets, shares five steps on how to prepare yourself to begin writing and designing your one sheet and outlines the nine elements of content that...

How to Develop a Solid Book Proposal

In this lesson, Tracie Miles teaches how to write a solid book proposal that will provide everything a publisher needs to know in such a way that gets them excited and intrigued about your book idea.

Building Your Writing Library with Classics

Every craftsman has his or her tools. The obvious tools are a computer, Internet, and a place to write, but another tool is a writing library. In today’s Tuesday Tip we share a few classic books that might be...