Law, Grace, and Biblical Theology

Are you a writer who desires to lead others through what the Bible teaches, yet you find yourself intimidated or insecure in how to execute the lesson? Our interpretation of Scripture and our practiced methods to prepare for teaching are pivotal in pursuing this desire. That’s why Eric Gagnon, Proverbs 31 Ministries’ theological content manager, is leading in this COMPEL Class! Join Eric as he walks us through a course on law, grace and biblical theology. Through his class, he will discuss theology and the critical aspects to keep in mind as we teach through the Bible.

Eric brings clarity as to why the gospel should be mentioned in every teaching we offer. As we are teaching, he helps us learn how to stay focused on the passage while not ignoring the rest of the Bible. At the same time, he sheds light on how to stay focused on our passage and not teach through the entire Bible.

Eric’s Worksheet for the Essential Content Often We Forget AboutResource #1

Having steps and skills we practice as we prepare to teach  are important and foundational in our success. Eric shares tips and recommendations he has acquired through his own personal studies and processes he has created over the years.

Use his checklist through this link below as you prepare for your next teaching:

Eric’s Condensed Writing and Teaching Checklist: Resource #2

Discerning and interpreting what Scripture teaches us can often feel confusing and intimidating. Eric walks us through the rules of Biblical interpretation so we can find confidence and clarity as we approach His word. This knowledge will help us as we reach others by teaching through what the Bible teaches us!

Rules of Biblical Interpretation 101: Resource #3