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Welcome to COMPEL 401! This course should be completed following our COMPEL 301 and is a continuation of the overview of the writing process. Now that you have completed a majority of our COMPEL core courses, take time to visit our Resource Library for free downloadable resources. COMPEL 401 teaches on the lessons every writer needs to know. Learn the importance of taking time to analyze your writing and your unique calling and how to do that. Glean important lessons every writer needs to know, such as how to keep your writing from feeling dull and really engage with readers, how to overcome comparison with other writers, tips for finding great ideas for consistent content and even how to start thinking about writing a book proposal. In COMPEL 401 you will learn how to:
  • Keep your writing from feeling dull
  • Write a book proposal
  • Overcome the temptation of comparison
  • Build strategies to engage your audience
  • Find fresh writing ideas

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