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Welcome to COMPEL 301! This course should be completed following our COMPEL 201 and is a continuation of the overview of the writing process. As you continue to get acclimated to COMPEL Training, make sure you to visit the discussion board for each course you take part in. These course discussions provide space for you to connect with other COMPEL members who are enrolled in the courses you are taking. Discuss what you're learning, how the course is affecting your writing and your take-aways from each lesson. The link for each course discussion can be found in the right sidebar menu above your course progress. In COMPEL 301 you’ll start learning how to take your writing to the next level. Begin tackling some of the important parts of writing that often get overlooked but can greatly improve one’s craft. You’ll learn how to develop your personal story in such a way it can help others experience transformation, self-editing, how to use sticky statements in your writing and critical things every writer needs to know. In addition, COMPEL 301 teaches on how to overcome negative self-talk which can become an obstacle in your writing. As you work through this course, complete all activities and suggested action steps to help you implement what you’re learning into your writing. In COMPEL 301 you will learn how to:
  • Develop your personal story in such a way it can help others experience transformation as well
  • Use sticky statements in your writing
  • Identify common language mistakes
  • Overcome thinking patterns of negative self-talk
  • Edit your own work to make it the best it can be
  • Identify critical things you need to know to succeed as a writer

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