Direct Access:

A Writer’s Book Club

What is COMPEL Direct Access: A Writer’s Book Club?

At COMPEL Training, we have a heart for walking alongside every writer who dreams of bringing their life-giving words to the world. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a published author and professional editor sit down with you and show you how?

Direct Access is a unique book club because we don’t simply study the content of the book but instead study the specific methods the author and editor used to write the book. Each week in a private Facebook book, the author and editor assign reading assignments and you study them together. You’ll learn the special techniques and tools the writer and editor used to effectively communicate the message God placed on their heart. The best part? You have direct access to the author and editor to ask questions, connect and engage with them in real time!

This interactive experience will inspire and equip you while providing direction and encouragement to pursue your own writing and publishing dreams.

What makes the COMPEL Direct Access so unique and valuable for aspiring writers?

  • It is a rare opportunity for writers to learn directly from the author of a book as well as the publishing house editor.
  • Book club discussions don’t focus on the content or stories in a book, but instead focus on the specific writing techniques the author used, as well as tips about the editing process.
  • Writers are given direct access to the author and editor in real time and get their questions about writing and publishing answered from seasoned professionals.


When will the next book club begin?

August 17, 2020 through September 25, 2020


What book is being studied in the next Direct Access?

We will be studying how author Melissa Spoelstra writes her popular bible studies, focusing on her most recently released bible study titled “Names of God: His Character Revealed.”

Names of God: His Character Revealed,
a Bible study by Proverbs 31 Ministries First 5 writer Melissa Spoelstra.

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Melissa Spoelstra is a popular women’s conference speaker, Bible teacher, and author of seven Bible studies and four non-fiction books. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Bible Theology and regularly contributes to the First 5 app. 

Melissa will be joined by her editor, Sally Sharpe, the Senior Editor of Abingdon Women at Abingdon Press. Sally has over 30 years of experience in the publishing industry as both an editor and writer of Christian books and study materials. As developer and editor of the Abingdon Women line of Bible studies, she enjoys working with an amazing team of authors and Bible teachers and can’t wait to share her extensive writing wisdom with you. 

How does Direct Access: A Writer’s Book Club work?

  • Each week for the duration of the study (between four and six weeks), the author and editor will post three or more times per week in the private Facebook group.
  • Posts will include weekly reading assignments, discussion questions about the assigned chapters, videos from the author and/or editor, and occasional Facebook Live videos where group members can interact with the author and/or editor in real time.
  • The author and editor will be active in the Facebook group, interacting with group members and answering their questions.


What is the price to participate in this six-week book club study with COMPEL?

For the low cost of only $29.98, you will be given access to join the private Facebook Group where the book study will take place for six weeks. This price does not include access to COMPEL Training — only access to the book study in the private Facebook group. 

  • If you are a COMPEL member, Direct Access is a free benefit of your COMPEL membership! You should have received an email with the Facebook link and password to join the group. If you need assistance, please email [email protected]
  • If you are not a COMPEL member you may purchase Direct Access for the low cost of only $29.98 by clicking the button below. (Please note this price does not include access to COMPEL Training – only access to participate in the book club study in the dedicated private Facebook group.
  • Upon receipt of purchase of access to the book club, you will receive a confirmation email with all the study details and the required details and password needed to join the private Facebook group where the book club study will take place.


Do I have to purchase the book we will be studying?

Every book club participant will need a copy of the book to fully participate in the book club, due to the reading assignments. The $29.98 cost to participate does not include the price of the book. Upon receipt of purchasing access to the book club, you will receive a confirmation email with a link to purchase the book at the Proverbs 31 bookstore. Or you can purchase the book from any retailer of your choice. While not mandatory, we recommend getting a copy of the book to get the most out of the study.


How do I sign up?

We can’t wait to study and learn with you from seasoned publishing professionals! Click the button to make your purchase and participate in the upcoming book club! Upon receipt of purchase, you will receive an email with everything you need to purchase your copy of the book, book study details, as well as the link and password to join the Direct Access Facebook group.