What is Compel?

COMPEL is a membership site for writers who want to
write words that move people.

Whether you're writing a book, a blog, or an article, you'll find
Christ-centered inspiration and practical teaching each month at COMPEL.
Take a sneak peek into your future as a COMPEL member
by previewing each of our monthly offerings below.



Explore the creative, artistic side of writing with Lysa TerKeurst.



Hone the craft of writing with teachings on nuts and bolts.



Receive instructions for living the successful writing life.



Get an insider's look through conversations with authors and publishing experts.



Make daily connections with your peers through our forum.


How much does it cost to join COMPEL Training?

You can become a member for only $25 per month.

Registration is currently closed, as we’re focused on serving our current members.

When you join, you'll get immediate access to more than two years of archived content—plus, four new teachings each month around creativity, craft, coaching and conversations, as well as inclusion in our vibrant community discussions.

You’ll also get exclusive access to behind-the-scenes interviews with publishing professionals in editorial, marketing and acquisitions as we pull back the curtain through conversations with these experts.

Annual Subscription

Get 2 Months FREE ($50 value) by signing up for the Annual Subscription option.


“Lysa TerKeurst blows me away. I have never met anybody who understands how to connect with an audience both emotionally and practically like she does. Few people understand the combination of marketing, writing, and caring for an audience like Lysa. I’ve learned so much from her and her team, and I know you will too.”

Jeff Goins
Author, Tribe Writers Founder

“I say it often and it bears repeating: Lysa TerKeurst is brilliant! I’ve learned more from her about how to market and create buzz around a book than I have from anyone else. Her strategies and insights have transformed the way I approach every talk I craft and product I launch. If you want to learn how to make an impact as a writer and speaker, do yourself a huge favor and sign up for Compel.”

– Crystal Paine
founder of MoneySavingMom.com

“I have never met anyone who understands book marketing like Lysa TerKeurst. Not only does she intuitively understand what it takes to generate buzz about a book, but she has deconstructed the process for the rest of us. She helps authors write their books in such a way that the buzz is baked in. I recently spent a day with her as I was preparing to write my next book. I learned more in those few hours than I learned in decades as a book marketer. Just wow!”

Michael Hyatt
New York Times Bestselling Author
Former CEO, Thomas Nelson Publishers


Is COMPEL for beginning writers?
Yes!  In fact, writers at every level will benefit from COMPEL.
I write fiction, is COMPEL for me?
Much of our training will benefit all writers. We will address the artistic side of writing, plus offer coaching on how to live the writer’s life. And all writers will benefit from the peer connections in our forum. However, we will focus more practical training in the craft of non-fiction.
Are all your training components live? What if I can’t participate at that time?
Each month we’ll offer four training components using four different methods (video, webinar, podcast & conference call).  Two will be pre-recorded and available at any time (video & podcast). The other two will be offered live at different times each month.  The two live events will be recorded and available the next day.
Do I have to sign a contract?
No. COMPEL membership is month-to-month. If you aren’t satisfied, you can cancel at any time.
Is there an entrance fee?
No. There are no hidden fees at COMPEL. The day you sign up we’ll charge your credit card $25, and that charge will automatically be debited from your account each month until you cancel.
What is your cancellation policy?
COMPEL members have the ability to cancel their membership at any time from their user profile.  However, please note that we are on a 30-day billing cycle. So if the member cancels five days after their monthly billing date, they still have access for 25 more days.  There are no refunds for unused days.
Do you offer scholarships?
We understand stretched budgets. And while we would love to be able to offer scholarships or discounts, we would need money donated in order to do so. Should that time come, we will post this information on our website.
Are my credit card details secure?
Yes. Your credit card information is encrypted during transmission using secure socket layer (SSL) technology, which is widely used on the Internet for this purpose.comodo_secure_100x85_transp    
Can I download audio and videos to my computer?
Audio files will be available for download so you can listen on any device you want. A limited number of videos will be available for download but all videos will be available to watch on the site at any time.
Is there homework?
No. But every month we’ll provide a challenge of sorts that relates to one of the messages that month. For example, if we are talking about goal setting in the Coaching component, you might be challenged to write one goal and post it on the forum. But we promise, no one will be checking up on you.
Will Lysa or any member of the COMPEL team be able to give me personal feedback on my writing?
No, but we have developed our Community Forum to be a place where you can connect with peers and ask general writing questions. We see the COMPEL training as the proactive side to improving your writing. The reactive side can be accomplished by connecting with a professional editorial service. In the coming months we will be making recommendations for editorial services we believe will be a good fit for interested COMPEL members.
Want to know more? Listen to a 30 minute Q&A with Lysa TerKeurst and Glynnis Whitwer
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How do I sign up for COMPEL?
We open COMPEL to new members at various times throughout the year. To receive a notification about the next open registration time, sign up here!